For Partners

Co-operation offer

We’re looking for foreign partners working in the field of E-Recycling. We’ll be happy to represent the interests of your business of this type in Russia. We are able to provide a full range of processing and recycling services for IT equipment in Russian Federation.

About us:

«IT Recycling» Company has been founded in 2003

Our business – recycling of used computer equipment.

We guarantee

– Secure DATA DESTRUCTION on computer hard drives and other storage media
– ENVIRONMENATLLY SAFE recycling process and eco-friendly disposal of used computer equipment

From 2008 to 2011 our company provided technical support and participated in a number of projects for HPFS (Hewlett-Packard Financial Service) in Russia.

Our standard recycling model includes the following steps:

– Pre-audit (before dismounting the equipment or at the warehouse)
– Dismounting and transportation
– Full audit of the equipment by the standards of HP (off lease)
– Secure data destruction (using HP approved Blancco software)
– Approval the results of the audit with the customer
– Purchase the equipment basing on the audit results
– Disposal of the equipment according to international standards

Audit documentation provided in the HP-developed format.

The standard working schedule:

– Request (e.g. “HP collection request form») containing the basic logistic information and list of equipment
– Preliminary assessment of the cost of the equipment before the audit – the proposal, 3-4 days
– Delivery / dismounting / transportation
– Audit (power on test + data wiping), 5-7 days
– Final assessment of the price after the audit, 3-4 days
– Payment

«IT Recycling» has extensive experience and high-qualified staff supported by technical and financial background to provide the recycling services all over the Russia.

One of our main business directions – buying used computer equipment from major Russian companies having national-wide networks of branches, offices, warehouses etc.

«IT Recycling» also performs maintenance and sales of the electronic office equipment. We also can extend and manage our services in Eastern Europe.

We guarantee you maximum return on investment for your computer equipment and complete and secure data destruction.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Grigoryev